Most of us live on the front lines of life. Always pushing forward and never looking back. We need to breathe but we are always moving faster trying to get the next thing done. Many of us don’t feel like we have any spare time to stop and enjoy life, or especially make time to just sit in the presence of God. I meet with a group of men every week. and they say that even during this time where many people are at home, they still can’t find time for God.

What Can We Do To Breathe More?

Any of the selections below can be used wherever you are by just using a clock on the wall, a watch or your phone. However, if you are like me and want to be exact, most phones have a timer function on them or you can download one from the Apple App Store or The Play Store on Android. If you want to use your computer, just type “Timer” into Google and one will pop up.

1. Say the Jesus Prayer

Spend two minutes reciting the Jesus prayer watching your breath. When you breathe in say, “Lord Jesus Christ Son of God” and when you exhale say, “Have mercy on me a sinner.” Two minutes is a very short time that we can all find throughout the day. This will give you time to connect with God and set space between you and the world.

2. Say the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer only takes 30 seconds to say on a good day. So try saying it in tune with your breathing. When you breathe in say, “Our Father” and when you exhale say, “Who art in heaven.” and so forth. This will slow you down so your focus is on the prayer and God and not on the world flashing around you.

3. Spend Two Minutes In Silence

The first draft of this was to spend five minutes in silence. But, I know you are rushing to read this and only have two minutes so I want to give you something you can use right away. By silence, I don’t mean utter quiet. What I suggest you do is watch your breathing.

Watch your breath and think, “breathe in” then “breathe out”. Nothing more, nothing less. Watching your breath is one of the oldest meditation techniques in the world. It will give you time to relax and recenter yourself before moving on to the next task.

Everything Will Be There When You Get Back

We procrastinate enough during the day to know that some things aren’t going to get done. So taking a couple of minute a few times each day will not cause any damage to your to-do list. Let it all go for a few minutes and I promise; Everything Will Be There When You Get Back.

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