This is the first chapter of the newly edited Didache in Modern English. You can pick up the book on Kindle and paperback from Amazon. (If Amazon has released the paperback when this goes live.)

The Two Ways

There are two ways you can live your life.  One of life and the other of death and there is a significant difference between the two.    

This is the way of life:

First Love the Lord your God who made you, second Love your neighbor as yourself, third do nothing to anyone else that you wouldn’t like to happen to you.  To keep these teachings, bless people who talk bad about you, pray for your enemies, and fast for people who persecute you. What credit is it to you if you only love people who love you? Sinners can do that, but you have to love people who hate you, and you should never have an enemy.

Never give in to lusts of the flesh, fame, or fortune. When someone hits you on the right cheek, offer to let him hit you on the left one too, and you will show you are secure in Christ. If someone forces you to walk a mile with them, then walk two miles with them.  If someone steals your coat, give your shirt to him too.  If anyone takes something that is yours, don’t ask for it back. In fact, you’re not allowed to.  

Give to everyone who asks you and don’t ask for anything in return. God wants us to give from the gifts he has given to us. You will be blessed if you follow this commandment because you are blameless.  

Be careful when you receive from others. If you receive, having a need, you will not be guilty, but if you take and don’t have a need, then you will stand trial for what you took and why you took it.  You will be arrested and questioned for what you did, and you won’t be let go until you have paid back every cent. 

Remember this, it has been said that you should let your gift sweat in your hand until you know who to give it to.

Thanks For Reading

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