No matter your position, or even your employment status, people are your best asset. The people we have in our lives not only determine the path most of us take in career, but how high we will go in that career. And the mean of your four closest friends’ salaries is probably your salary. More than earnings and job choices, the people we hold the closest determine how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Eventually You Need People

Eventually, most of us will need someone else. Whether it’s the recluse who dies alone, or the person in the nursing home. We will all eventually need people to either take us to the hospital, or put us in the ground. Let’s not wait until either of those needs arise before we invest in others.

If we are leaders, we will have people from different walks of life coming in and out of our lives all the time. Our job is to build them up, and let them know they are important to our cause. Whether they are a customer, or the janitor who takes out our office trash, they are needed to make the work happen. When we realize each person has a purpose, we can begin to help them play the part they are created to play.

If you are a high achiever, you will want to listen to people and help guide them to the right solution. You will care about individuals as much as you care about outcomes. Your subordinates will listen to you because of your position, but you will lead them if they know you want them to succeed as much as you do for yourself.

Under achievers look at others as competition and only care about their personal security. They look down on subordinates and communicate very little about goals or the process to achieve them. Helping underachievers become even moderate achievers will bring dividends to any project we are working on. Who are your biggest underachievers? Can you help them reach a higher potential?

Zig Ziglar said,

If you help enough other people get what they want, you will eventually get everything you want.

Who are you helping to get what they want?

The Other People

We should never look down on another person. The people most of us look down on are our opportunity to serve. Many of us will spend six to eight dollars on a cup of coffee a day and not give a dollar to a guy on the side of the road. Yes, many of those people are drug addicts or even professional panhandlers, but it’s not up to you to be their god. We give, not asking for anything in return.

Most people who get condemned in the bible, are us, not the beggars, not the prostitutes, US. If we really want to make a difference, we can go to homeless shelters and help. Don’t just throw money at the situation. Literally or figuratively. Get your damn hands dirty and find out what really makes “those people” tick. I’m off my soap box.

The fact is that people are everywhere. They are at work, on the street, in our places of worship, everywhere. and unless you are selfish, self-centered, and self-seeking, you need other people and other people need you. A little humility goes a long way. Helping other people get what they want isn’t just about monetary return. When we help people in need, we are helped by feeling better about ourselves. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we can look outside ourselves and help other people.

Who can you help this week?

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  1. Very insightful. Blessed to have you in my life Steve. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

    God bless.

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