Know Where You’re Going Before You Start Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:11 — 7.1MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | Pandora | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Email | TuneIn | RSSWelcome back! It’s been quite a year, and it’s been nine months since I posted a podcast. That has a lot to do with the title of this podcast […]

How Important Is This?

When dealing with almost any situation in life, we can ask, How important is this really? How we answer this question will show us what we need to take action on or file in the trash. It will also show us whether a meeting is as important as our child’s football game. Asking how important […]

How To Stop Wasting Your Time

Many of us would never think of throwing away our hard earned money. We work hard for it and if we lose even a few dollars; it hurts us. But our time is different. We will throw it away, give it away, and kill it any time we get a chance. We do these things […]

Principles of a Balanced Life

Spiritual Teamwork Coaching

While most people I speak with believe that balancing their time will balance their life. Balancing your life is about stopping, gathering all the areas of life together, and prioritizing your life around your values. Personal Growth Personal growth allows us to have a balanced life. Having a personal growth plan helps you fit all […]

Growth Begins With Community

Growing Alone

No where have I seen community initiate growth like the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. When men and women begin their AA journey, they have an entire community that comes around them to encourage and guide them in their growth. Whether you agree or disagree with how AA works, you have to admit the fellowship they […]

Only Do What You Have To

Work Life Balance

When Henry Ward Beecher was asked how he could accomplish so much more than other men, he replied: “I don’t do more, but less, than other people. They do all their work three times over: once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in rumination. I do mine in actuality alone, doing it once instead of […]