The Epistle of Saint Clement to the Corinthians Chapters 16-20

 16. Christ belongs to the humble minded, not to those who lord themselves over his people. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Sceptre of God’s Majesty didn’t come with pomp and circumstance, but he could have. He came in humility, like the Holy Spirit says concerning him, “Who has believed our message? To whom […]

Growth Begins With Community

Growing Alone

No where have I seen community initiate growth like the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. When men and women begin their AA journey, they have an entire community that comes around them to encourage and guide them in their growth. Whether you agree or disagree with how AA works, you have to admit the fellowship they […]

Only Do What You Have To

Work Life Balance

When Henry Ward Beecher was asked how he could accomplish so much more than other men, he replied: “I don’t do more, but less, than other people. They do all their work three times over: once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in rumination. I do mine in actuality alone, doing it once instead of […]

The Epistle of Saint Clement to the Corinthians Chapters 11-15

 11. Lot was saved from Sodom by his kindness and devotion. While the surrounding country was punished by fire and brimstone, God showed that he does not abandon those who trust in him, but will punish and correct people who walk away from his ways. Lot’s wife left with him but still clung to the […]

The Epistle of Saint Clement to the Corinthians Chapters 6 – 10

 6. These men who led holy lives were joined by many other godly men who because of envy suffered insult and torture, but left us shining examples. Through envy, many women have received torture and unspeakable outrages. After completing their course of faith with strength, being weak in body, they received a glorious reward. Jealousy […]

A Short List of Christian Spiritual Disciplines

I do not believe spiritual disciplines are rules to follow. They are only help to put us in the path of God. I use 1 Timothy 4:7 as a guide for the disciplines. Not all spiritual disciplines are for everyone and not one of these will make God love you more than he already does. […]